My Education


WHo I am

When Alexandra Arrivillaga was still in middle school or just starting out in high school in Boston, one of her relatives suggested that she pursue her education and travel opportunities as much as possible before life becomes too hectic to do either.  Alexandra took this to heart and it shaped much of her adult life.  In 2005, Alexandra graduated from Lesley University, (At that time it was all-women) a small school nestled in Cambridge (MA).  At Lesley, Alexandra was president of her class during all four years and received her Bachelor's of Science in Management and consistently made the Dean's List all four years. 

In the Years that followed, Alexandra entered the work force full-time, but arranged her schedule so that she could continue coursework towards a Master's in Management at Cambridge University.  She did just that, and completed the work for a two year full-time program in just a year and a half while maintaining a full-time job.  Alexandra felt that this degree gave her some insight into management and felt that she could apply these lessons directly to her job.  A few years later, Alexandra returned to academia and completed coursework at Concord Law School (CA).  In 2019, Alexandra received her PhD in Business in Organizational Behavior at North Central University in Minneapolis (MN).